Your website is your face of your business in the digital world. The reason businesses fail to generate new customers from their website is because it is not carefully thought of. There is always an objective behind having a website developed. It could be to generate more sales if its an e-commerce product based site or drive more leads for a business site.

Whatever be the objective, as a business you should consider the following points when having your website developed:

1. Mobile Friendly

This is the age of responsive website design. Imagine how painstaking it would be for users to scroll left and right to find certain information on your website if it is not mobile friendly. With an ever-increasing number of users turning to mobile for their searches, in this digital age, it is mandatory for a website to adapt based on the size of the screen being viewed on.

2. User Navigation

Your website should be easy to navigate for your users considering the attention span of an average user on the website is less than 5 seconds. If they are not able to find what they want on a site ‘quickly’, they’ll leave. The website should not be confusing for the user and should be designed in a way that the user completes the cycle you intend them to complete like contacting you via the form placed on the website or purchasing a product.

3. Good Hosting Provider

A building cannot stand strong if the foundation is weak. A good website is built on the foundation of a good hosting provider.There are many cheap hosting providers available but do not fall for the price. If you are building a website with commercial intent, always go for a reliable hosting provider even though it is a bit more expensive.It will save you the cost of changing hosting later on if you were to buy a cheap low-quality one. Some good hosting providers are Godaddy, HostGator, Bigrock.

4. Less Clutter

Do not cramp your site with all information in one space. Give enough space for your website visitors to look around. The more evenly spread your content is, the more appealing it will look.

5. Avoid Flashy Colors

Would you like a bright fluorescent color banner appearing on the homepage of your site? If you said yes, you need to definitely research on what makes an impact in terms of choosing the right color on your website. Bright, flashy colors have ‘attention seeker’ written all over it which drives visitors away. Use subtle, pastel colors that are pleasing to the eye and you are sure to win your site visitors over.

6. SEO Friendly

A website that sits on page 10 of google is of no use as customers won’t be able to find your site and hence you lose that prospective customer. For example, if you are searching for web development company in mumbai or web design company in mumbai and you find Stymeta in the top pages of Google, it is because our website is SEO friendly. It is the most significant factor to attract new customers and hence can’t be neglected.

The above are some significant points listed when considering your website development. This by no means is an exhaustive list but would help you take a step in the right direction when building your website.

Hope this article has helped you in taking the right step towards building a good website. If you need any help with your website, contact us for a free quote. Do take a look at our portfolio for the kind of sites we have built for our clients.