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reasons to have self hosted ecommerce website

Advantages of having your own ecommerce website

In today’s time, there are many platforms available where you can advertise and sell your products online. For eg. Amazon and Flipkart are popular platforms for showcasing your product line here in India. However, there are many drawbacks to advertising your products on these platforms that ecommerce businesses often overlook.

The benefits of having your own ecommerce website far outweigh the benefits that these platforms provide. Below are the top reasons to have a self-hosted ecommerce website.

1. Full control
Since your ecommerce website is hosted on your own server, you have full control of the website and can make any required changes like updating the product information, changing prices, deleting products etc. at any given time.

If you have products on 3rd party websites, making changes is difficult, as it has to go through certain process. So you have to plan prior, as you cannot make immediate changes.

2. Minimal effect by changes in policies

Having your products on 3rd party websites would mean you will have to comply with the terms, conditions and policies listed by that website.

Violation of any such policy attracts penalties or fear of taking down your products from their website. This would subsequently impact revenue. Also, changes in governmental policies affect these 3rd party website’s revenue. Taking this into consideration, they may decide to close down their website or move out their business from that country entirely. You are than left with no option but to have your own website.

Though you have to comply with the basic requirements of an ecommerce website, on your own self hosted ecommerce website, you are your own boss. You may change things on the website as and when you require, without worrying about compliance.

3. High Commission Rates

The third party websites often charge high commission rates to display your products. This makes the prices of the products expensive for the end customer. Moreover, you can’t offer discounts to the customer if the policy of the website does not allow you to.

Since a self-hosted ecommerce website allows you to set your own prices, you are free to change the prices at any time. Additionally, you can offer discounts when you feel like to boost sales.

4. Add on functionality

With your self-hosted ecommerce website, you can add additional functionality desired to your website. This can be a live chat to communicate with real time website visitors or embedding your instagram gallery. Since you have total control, the possibilities are endless.

There is no doubt that a self hosted ecommerce website will benefit your business than simply posting the products on other websites.

Businesses sometimes look this as a major expense. But when you take the above points into consideration, it in fact offers a major return on investment.

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