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benefits of mobile apps for business

5 benefits of mobile app for business

Technology has advanced by leaps and bounds. What was in trend a year ago is now outdated. Owing to this shift in the tech space, the current trend involves having a mobile app for your business. Big companies and startups like Flipkart, Swiggy, Zomato have already established their presence in the mobile app space. This is an indication of what is required by SMEs and other businesses alike to stay competitive and make your businesses succeed. If the big firms have shifted their focus from desktop to mobile apps, it is a sign that their end users prefer to use more of mobile apps rather than desktop websites. The objective is clear, ‘Be where your clients are’. Hence you should consider having a mobile app. Since mobile apps require coding skills and can get increasingly complex, clients can’t develop it themselves. Hence they need to hire a mobile app development company in Mumbai. Here are the top 5 benefits of mobile apps for business.

1. Real Time Users carry mobile with them wherever they go. This allows you as a business owner to literally display your products and services real time to your users whether they are on android or iOS. On the contrary, if you didn’t have a mobile app, users would have to remember the name of the website and type that in on a mobile browser like chrome. Too much of a hassle when you have so much information to consume. In the mobile app, your products or services are available at the tap of a button. Mobile apps also provide you with the feature of sending out notifications to all users who would have downloaded your app. You can attract new customers and provide them with offers/discounts through notifications.

2. Easy and Convenient Most of the users are familiar with android play store and iOS app store. They host billions of apps. Hence from a marketing standpoint, promoting your app becomes easy and it is convenient for the users to download it from play store or app store as they are aware of it. Hence android app development companies and ios app development companies are at an advantage as compared to their only website development companies counterparts.

3. Higher ROI Mobile apps yield higher return on investment owing to the fact that the time spent on mobile is more as compared to desktop. Since you can target more users, probability of them converting into prospective customers increases exponentially leading to higher return on investment.

4. Easy Marketing With apps developed keeping the social quotient in mind, it allows any business to market in an effective way. Mobile apps allow integration with other popular apps like whatsapp, instagram a seamless process. Sharing and referring products/services through mobile apps to one’s contacts can happen at a click of a button allowing to market your business easily.

5. Build Brand Recognition Customers tend to remember brand that are visible more often. Since mobile apps allows businesses to stay in touch with customers through notifications, app updates, offers etc. it increases customer loyalty towards the brand. New prospective customers tend to remember and trust the brand due to its visibility. Thus, through mobile apps, businesses can build a loyal customer base and build a brand that is easily remembered by clients.

Above are the top 5 benefits of mobile app for business. Our expert mobile app developers in Mumbai, India can assist you with building a mobile app that will skyrocket your business to the next level.

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