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types of mobile apps

Types of mobile apps that make money

Business ideas have no limitations. If the idea has been thought of carefully and executed meticulously, it can generate exponential streams of revenue and profits.

The current digital trend involves creating different types of mobile apps that either saves time or money or both. In our opinion, any app that directly benefits the app user in terms of time or money has the potential to generate profits. You need efficient mobile app developers that can help you to achieve the same.

So, if you are looking to build an income by creating a mobile app, you can consider building an app that falls in one of the below categories:

1. Aggregator Apps

Aggregator apps are those that ‘aggregate’ similar businesses/services under one app. These apps bridge the gap between service providers and service consumers in a particular industry.

For instance, Ola in India is an aggregator of cabs consisting of cab drivers who are sellers of the service and travellers who are buyers of that service.

Other apps in this category: Zomato – aggregator app for restaurants, Practo –aggregator app for doctors

How app owners can make money: Though not all apps listed in this category have the same business model but most of them follow the general rule of charging the service providers a percentage fee for listing them on the app and service consumers, a fee for using these services.

2. Ecommerce Apps

Ecommerce apps are similar to aggregator apps in the sense that they also include buyers and sellers but here the buyers and sellers are concerned with products

For instance, amazon is an ecommerce app that includes millions of sellers selling their products. Buyers buy these products from the app.

Other apps in this category: Flipkart

How app owners can make money: App owners can add a commission on top of seller’s price, which is then passed on to the customers. They can also place seller ads in the app for which they can charge per ad.

3. Booking Apps

Booking apps allows users to book services right from the app thus saving time for the users. An example of this is bookmyshow that allows users to book cinema seats from the app. No need to queue up and buy seats at the theatre hall.

Other mobile apps in this category: Redbus, Fitternity

How app owners can make money: App owners can place ads within the app. These are paid promotions for which the app owner can charge a fee. Other ways would include charging commission per ticket sale.

4. Gaming Apps

Gaming apps appeal to the youth of today. They provide an immersive experience where the player can control the character in the game that is put in real life like situations. Developing a gaming app requires expert mobile app development company such as Stymeta. Some popular examples of gaming apps include candy crush, pubg, sniper3d etc.

How app owners can make money: App owners make money by offering a free and premium version of the game within the app. Incentives in the premium version include purchase of additional coins, skipping a few hard levels in the game in exchange for a fee or yearly subscription.

Above are some of the types of mobile apps that can be created through which a business or an individual can make money. However, creating such mobile apps require expertise in app development with deep technical knowledge.

So if you have an idea and want to make a business out of it, you can contact us as we are the leading mobile app development company in Mumbai, India. Stymeta has created various enterprise level apps for a global clientele at affordable costs.

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